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Meet the Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is named a small Scottish canine breed within the terrier household. It is a breed with an extended physique and enjoyable persona. Learn on to find extra.

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a canine of a unique-looking and really unbiased perspective. This breed is sturdy constructed, and Dandie is commonly described by canine lovers as a proud small canine.

Initially bred for farm life rigors, this small dimension canine simply tailored to metropolis life and companion function. Learn on to find extra about this compact furry companions.

Fast Details

Actual identify: Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Different names: Dandie, Hindlee Terrier
Origin: Scotland
Breed sort: Companion Canine
Weight: 18–24 kilos (8.2–10.9 kg)
Peak: 8–11 inches (20–28 cm)
Lifespan: 11–13 years
Litter Dimension: 3 to six puppies
Coloration: Pepper or mustard
Coat: Tough coated

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Historical past

The breed originates from the canine getting used within the border nation of Scotland and England. They had been used for looking badgers and otters, whereas their final origin stays unknown.

First paperwork on this breed date from the 1700s, the place they had been described as a “tough native terrier owned by border hunters within the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland.”

This breed was nice at dispatching such four-legged poachers. Sir Walter Scott, Scotland’s foremost novelist, was an enormous fan of this breed.

He was so intrigued by these canine that for his 1815 novel “Man Mannering,” he even created a personality named Dandie Dinmont, a farmer who retains a pack of curious-looking pepper and mustard terriers.

This character was no creation of his creativeness, however primarily based on a real-life particular person, James Davidson, who saved a pack of working terriers—Previous Mustard, Younger Pepper, Younger Mustard, Little Pepper, Little Mustard, and Previous Pepper—the “immortal six” nonetheless spoken of with reverence by Dandie fanciers.

This single novel introduced the breed into the highlight, and these small dogs grew to become knowN as “Dandie Dinmont’s terriers.” They continue to be the one AKC breed named for a fictional character.

The height of their reputation got here with Nineteenth-century royals. French king Louis Philippe was an enormous fan of this breed, and he saved a brace of pampered Dandies as a part of his royal entourage.

England’s Dandie Dinmont Terrier Membership was based in 1875, and as much as this date, it’s one of many world’s oldest breed golf equipment.

The Dandie entered the AKC in 1886.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Bodily Look

Dandie Dinmont Terrier was bred to go to floor, which is why his physique is an extended one. Head is distinctive, whereas eyes are darkish and huge, with attention-grabbing and clever expression.

The physique is versatile and durable and coated with a double coat, both mustard or pepper in colour.

The pinnacle is giant however in proportion to the canine’s dimension. Muscle mass are effectively developed, particularly these protecting the face.

The expression exhibits intelligence, dedication, and curiosity. Their eyes are spherical, whereas the ears are set effectively again, hanging near the cheek, whereas the ears’ size is three to 4 inches.

The neck may be very muscular and robust, whereas the physique is robust and versatile. The forelegs are quick with good muscular improvement.

The coat is essential with this breed. The hair must be about two inches lengthy; the physique coat is a combination of about 2/3 hardish hair with about 1/3 gentle hair, giving a form of crisp texture.

The physique coat may be shortened by plucking, and curiously the hair on the underpart of the physique is softer than on the highest.

The tail is 8 to 10 inches in size and carried a little bit above the physique’s degree in a curve like a scimitar. The hind legs are a little bit longer than the forelegs, however the entire physique is total well-balanced.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Persona

This breed is often pleasant and nice with older children. They’re good companions and even nice guard canine, though they’re small in dimension.

They’re additionally one of the agreeable of the terrier breeds, and they’re identified for his or her tendency to dig large holes in a brief interval.

They are often educated to be good with cats, however they shouldn’t be trusted totally round smaller animals like rats and hamsters, as a result of their looking drive is robust.

They’re described as being very playful, and as such, they’re susceptible to difficult other animals, consists of different canine and even foxes.

The Dandie Dinmont is a good companion. They love spending time with their household, and because of their Terrier heritage, they’ve an unbiased aspect.

Dandies’ will attempt to get it their approach, however they’re additionally very desirous to please their homeowners. Nonetheless, it’s extraordinarily essential to begin coaching your Dandie the day you convey him house.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Grooming

Dandies’ are a terrific alternative for those who aren’t a fan of shedding. They don’t shed usually, however you’ll nonetheless should undergo shedding season and make investments your time and power into grooming your Dandie.

His coat have to be stripped of lifeless hair not less than a few occasions a yr. You are able to do this, or you may take him to the closest and trusted groomer.

Should you select to do it, just be sure you have the right grooming tools. A accountable breeder will at all times advocate the very best stripping software to your Dandie.

In case your Dandie is adopted, your veterinarian will advocate you the very best instruments.

Lengthy hairs may be plucked day by day from the coat utilizing thumb and forefinger to keep up a neat coat.

Brush Dandie day by day to keep away from matting. Nails must be trimmed month-to-month not less than if not regularly, gums must be checked weekly, and ears must be checked when brushing him.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Coaching

Like every other canine, your Dandie must be educated from the primary day. Early socialization and correct coaching is the one technique to have a well-behaved canine.

Don’t let the scale idiot you, as a result of small canine want correct and severe coaching as effectively.

Should you miss coaching your Dandie, it’s possible you’ll uncover the way it feels to have a canine who suffers from the Small dog Syndrome.

A lot of persistence and a constructive reward-based strategy will at all times present nice outcomes. These small canine have plenty of power to share, however they’re adaptable and desirous to please.

Like every other terrier, they are often cussed as a result of they need issues completed their approach, however it must be in solely till your Dandie realizes that you’re the pack chief.

By no means use harsh coaching methods on Dandie and every other canine, solely constructive reinforcement. Just remember to begin coaching your Dandie from day one to keep away from any future sudden conditions.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Train

Canine thrive on nice meals and energetic life. Your Dandie is not any exception. To maintain this canine agile and completely satisfied, it’s best to present train a half hour or so twice a day. You possibly can have walks and even chasing a ball throughout the yard.

When open air, it’s best to solely go contained in the fenced space, and your Dandie ought to at all times be on a leash.

Since they’ll chase small animals, its greatest to maintain them secure by maintaining them on a leash. Most Dandies will do very effectively in a house setting with average train.

If you’re a passionate hiker or a runner, it’s best to know that Dandies aren’t made to run lengthy distances, and they’re removed from having the ability to run lengthy distances.

If you’re searching for an outside accomplice, take into consideration getting a extra active dog breed.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Well being

Like people, canine are delicate to harsh situations, poor diet, and a few genetic points. Merely stated, no breed’s fully disease-free.

If you’re adopting a Dandie, it’s best to take him to a veterinarian instantly for a radical check-up.

If you’re shopping for a canine, just be sure you are solely coping with responsible breeders. They’ll scan canine for main ailments and offer you the required medical documentation.

Keep in mind: accountable breeders do genetic testing on their breeding inventory to keep away from any potential issues.

As with all breeds, Dandie’s ears must be checked day by day for any indicators of an infection. The identical applies to Dandi’s pores and skin and teeth.

Common parasite management and common visits to the vet, subsequent to correct diet, ought to be certain that your Dandie has an extended and wholesome life.

The Backside Line

The Dandie Dinmont is a good alternative for companion canine. This breed may be very affectionate and nice with folks.

They nonetheless have a powerful looking urge, so it’s best to at all times hold your Dandie on a leash, and when exterior, being in a fenced space is a should.

This canine isn’t for you for those who want a mountaineering or operating accomplice since this breed isn’t tremendous energetic.

Alternatively, this breed is for you for those who don’t thoughts having an occasional yard gap and don’t thoughts having a canine that can comply with you round each step.